Ring Size Guide

Diamond Rings

All Macintyres’ diamond and gem set rings are unique. Each one is hand crafted to individual specifications, including finger size. Most can be adjusted to fit a UK finger size range of "K" to "O" and will supplied at the prices stated. Finger sizes beyond this range, J or below and P or above, may have to be specially made. Special orders may take longer to supply and may incur a surcharge. We will contact you by phone or e-mail to discuss your individual requirements.

Wedding Rings

Standard wedding bands are available in ladies’ sizes from I to O and in gent’s sizes from P to Z. Most sizes are available from stock. If we are temporarily out of stock we will contact you with an expected delivery date.

Diamond set and bespoke wedding bands are made to order in your size and will take longer than our standard delivery times. We will contact you with an expected delivery date. Special orders cannot normally be exchanged.

Dress Rings

Silver and gold dress rings are available in the sizes stated. If you require one of these rings in a different size than available, please send an email to websales@macintyres.co.uk or phone us on + 44 131 220 4252 (Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm) to find out about availability.

Sizing your finger

We will be more than happy to accurately measure your finger in-store and offer advice on the most suitable size.

Alternatively, order your FREE Multisizer Ring Gauge by sending an email including your full name, postal address and phone number to websales@macintyres.co.uk or by phone on + 44 131 220 4252 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm).

If the ring you are purchasing is a gift and you are unsure of the finger size, we recommend that you purchase it in the stock size available. The ring can then be adjusted or ordered in the correct size.

Tips for measuring your finger:

  • Your finger size may vary with your body temperature. Please be sure to measure your finger when it is not too hot or cold.
  • Fingers on opposite hands will vary slightly. Please do not assume for example that your wedding finger (left hand) is the same as your dress ring finger (right hand).
  • Broader rings may need a slightly larger size.
  • Your preference: do you like your rings to be firm or slightly loose. Remember, if you have a large knuckle, you may need a larger ring size.